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IFA Founded in 1973, the International Formalwear Association is the only alliance of all industry segments (specialists, suppliers, wholesalers and consultants) worldwide joined together to promote formalwear.

Tuxedo Fit

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For many years the largest competitor in the formalwear industry has convinced brides and grooms that if members of their wedding party are spread across the country then there is ONLY one national company who can meet their needs. This just isn’t true!

The International Formalwear Association is now launching a new website specifically designed to accommodate your out-of-town wedding party customers. Utilizing the amazing technology of Google Maps and our extensive network of IFA member formalwear specialists, this website will enable your grooms and their wedding party members to easily locate a convenient formalwear specialist, be professionally measured and their measurements returned to the home store via email. Not only will this be a great convenience for the customer but it will also increase the probability that the out-of-town measurements you receive will be more accurate.

Now when a groom says that one of his groomsmen is out-of-town you really can say “Absolutely no problem! This website is exactly where you need to be!”