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Find a Location Near You

TuxedoFit is an association of the best formal wear retailers from around the world that have come together to make it easier for out-of-town wedding party members to get measured and to submit measurements to the wedding destination tuxedo shop selected by the Bride and Groom.

Click the store’s NAME to see details and Submit your measurements online!

      Step 1: Find the Closest Location

      1. Enter your City and State or Region and click the ‘Search” button.
      2. Find the closest location to you.
      3. Click the drop-pin on the map OR
      4. Click the Store Name in the store listing.
      Step 2: Print the Measurement form

      Click here to open and print the measurement form

      Step 3: Submit Your Measurements

      1. After getting measured at your nearby tuxedo shop, return to the Find A Locations page.
      2. Follow the instructions in Step 1 and to find the location that the Bride and Groom have selected to provide the wedding attire and click the Store’s Name.
      3. You will go to the Store’s detail page where you can submit your measurements on the form on that page.
      4. Your sizes will automatically be sent to that store and will be ready for you to try-on and pick-up for the wedding!